HEXTA Match-Grade Targets

Beyond the firing line: Targets

  1. Match-Grade accuracy is less than 3mm, often under 2mm.
  2. NO Setup expertise required. You can do it without training.
  3. 8 Independent sensors per target. Shoot out a sensor or wire, and target STILL functions.
  4. Lower Construction Capital cost. No elaborate Butts, or target racks.
  5. Modular, independent shooting lanes. Less downtime.
  6. 56 coordinates = Match-Grade Targets, in-matched in precision. 
  7. Pre-calibrated for you, and continuous.
  8. Eliminates Ghost shots, Lost shots & Gross Errors.
  9. Sealed Acoustic target box.
    1. Silences most non-applicable sound.
    2. Seals out the sonic crack from adjacent lanes, so no missed shots.
    3. Nearly eliminates POI error due to the non-perpendicular angle of trajectory. Just as precise at 300 yards as 1000 yards.
    4. Nearly eliminates POI error due to windblown sonic cone off perpendicular.
    5. Wi-Fi wireless from Butts to Mounds. From 100 yards to unlimited. No buried fiber optic cable or PLC’s.
    6. All 12-volt power.
  10. Very low maintenance.
  11. Catches subsonic shots.

On the firing line: Monitors

  1. Two – weather-resistant, and daylight visible monitors. Scorers and Shooters.
    1. Monitor – instantaneous score, scrollable to adjacent targets, and more.
    2. Scorer’s monitor – controls sighters, misses, crossfires.
  2. Easier to catch “crossfires”.
  3. Rapid-fire capable.
  4. 12 Volt power.
  5. Standardizes target reading across the range.
  6. More cross-match uniformity than paper.
  7. Fully Wi-Fi, cable-free.

Behind the firing line: Software/Server:              

HEXTA Web  Match Management Program

  1. Real-Time Online Results. Web-based.
  2. Match management from pre-registration to results.
    1. Club administration software.
    2. Comprehensive match results.
  3. Unlimited lanes.
  4. Wi-Fi, from Butts to Mounds – to the Internet.
  5. Internet-capable
    2. All Digital data stored on our Database, with INDIVIDUAL CLUB ADMINISTRATION FREE!
      1. For Club precision tracking.
      2. SHOOTERS TARGET NOTES – for load development, progress tracking. Include any information you may want on a target basis. Only visible to you.
    3. LIVE “POSTAL MATCH” Simultaneous online competition with any range.
  6. Live Competition and Match Scoring – spectator inviting!
  7. Match results automatically and instantaneously calculated and visible to shooters and spectators alike.
  8. Official Results Final after Match Director authorizes, and Posts.

Benefits- HEXTA Match-Grade Targets

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