Match Management Software


Every HEXTA Match-Grade target includes!

Free Club, Shooter, Match, data stored, Reported, and Anyalyzed.

Competitions built, score tallied, Aggregate scores tallied.

Results Sorted in Real Time.


Target performance monitored remotely.

Each club has full time access to their own repository of shooting results. Clubs set up their Competitions on line. Scores can then be live on-line and watched from any where in the World in Real Time. All shooter and club results become a training tool for shooter and Club improvement.

Click on RESULTS And here you see results. If the Web page is bare. Then all Clubs have posted their last match. And nothing is live. If there is live action, then

to watch a shooter build his target. Scroll all the way to the right, and click on his    “eyeball”.

The MATCH Software is available by clicking COMPETITIONS

Pick a competition that is currently running or on one FINISHED to see the results. That’s the match disciplines. Now click on  Presentation mode.

Now watch the results scroll past you. That can be in REAL TIME if a match is running.

Watch the Match results LIVE from any place in the world.


Then the SHOOTER historic records.

Not shown: The shooter can access his own records and add target specific info like load data etc.

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