USA Ranges using the HEXTA Match-Grade Target

  1. Reade Range in Pennsylvania

What Reade said about it:

HEXT Systems targets testing overview at Reade Range. I have had several inquiries since the announced purchase of ten HEXTA electronic targets by Reade Rifle range. I wish to take a moment to give an overview of how we came to this decision and the testing that was done at the range in early December 2016. An agreement was made in early October after our leagues annual business meeting to research the possibility of electronic scoring system for the range. Scott Thomas and few other members took the responsibility to analyze different scoring systems. Several members, including myself, had fired on the systems prominent here in the US. I did not experience any issues with the system that I had used, however many who we spoke with reluctantly complained of troubles at matches they had attended. I say reluctantly because no one came out and trashed the systems they fired on. There were only complaints of missed shots, systems shutting down, lap tops and tablets going dead, and not being able to see the scoring devices.

After nearly two months of research Scott had come to the conclusion that electronic systems available were not reliable enough for the range to make the investment. At this point I gave Scott a business card given to me by Rick Ratzlaff of goballistic. Rick and I had spoken briefly at the Southwest Nationals earlier that year and at that time his system seemed to be to expensive compared to the others that were available. Scott contacted Rick and after some conversation, and a skype call with the target manufacturer in Australia, we decided the Hex system had more to offer than other target systems and we wanted some testing. Rick left Alberta Canada with two target systems uncovered on the back of his flat bed truck. He traveled nearly 2500 miles through rain, snow, and sleet with the targets laying flat completely exposed to the elements. We pulled the targets off the truck, placed them on the ground and made makeshift braces out of 2×4 lumber to hold them upright, powered up the 12 volt system, and placed MR1 faces on then moved back to the 600 yard line to start testing. I must add at this point there was no calibrating necessary as the systems are pre-calibrated to the two daylight readable monitors that come with each target. We had six different shooters firing 6.5×284, .308, and .223. At the end of the day all shots had been recorded and were compared to plot sheets for scoring accuracy. The total firing time of that day was about two hours.

Day two of the testing was done on the SR & SR3 targets. Our names were already in the administrative server, so by just starting to type in your name it would come up on screen, then you select the type target you’re firing on and the amount of sighters needed for the match. We fired many simultaneous, rapid strings and no shots were lost or extras were present on either target. We also created several alibi strings to see how the scorer was to correct the score. Rifles used this day were .223 & 6AR. Again testing took about two hours.

We found the monitors quite easy to use. They are a rugged laptop style. The shooter is able to shrink or enlarge his plot while firing, and view other targets during a string. These target systems are very rugged. Each target weighs over 100 lbs. This is a consideration at if you plan on moving them for daily matches. However the other side of the coin is that the systems reliability comes at the cost of maneuverability.

If you have never fired on an electric scoring system, or your are considering one for you range, we welcome you to come and try the HEX System here at Reade Range. Our plans are to be up and running by spring 2017. Hope to see you there.

Kind Regards;

Tom Ferraro

 2.  Bar 3 Range, Laurel Mississippi

 HEXTA Match-Grade electronic targets headed into an independently owned range.

 On the heels of the recent announcement of HEX System’s market entry of 10 lanes of their HEXTA e-target at Reade Range in Pennsylvania, the parties involved have added another range to their market entry footprint.

 Independent Bar 3 Range, of Laurel Mississippi, has placed an order for 10 lanes of the HEXTA Match-Grade targets. Delivery is expected in several weeks.

Bar 3 Range is located at Laurel in Mississippi state. Owned and operated by entrepreneur Mike Bush, Bar 3 Range has a new modern facility including 25 lanes to 1000 yards, 10 lanes for small-bore to 100 yards, 10 lanes for pistol shooters. Mike, owner of Bar 3 says “we wanted to offer robust, reliable, simple to set-up electronic targets – that had also proven the test of time in accuracy and precision. When we researched the HEXTA product, testing them on our own range, the way we wanted to test them, they passed our scrutiny with ease. We were even delighted at its ability to report sub-sonic shots.” The intention of Bar 3 is to deploy the targets at various ranges, perhaps even rapid-fire and small-bore applications. As per usual, Bar 3 will host sanctioned competitive shooting matches using the e-target technology.

HEX Systems has been serving 40+ clubs in Australia for 7 years, and enjoys the largest market share on the continent. Ranges that are privately owned, and open for public users as a business, are not common in Australia. So, entering this type of customer relationship is new. “We are gratified that our full-service range system, with it’s features and benefits, has resonated with a user/owner intending to draw shooters to his facility through offering the opportunity to shoot on these targets for their personal use, says Dmitri Kazakov” founder of HEX Systems, and credentialed competitive shooter.

We have long looked for an private range that would use our system in a daily revenue stream business model. Bar 3 Range will exhibit those assets as shooters rent a target for load development, and follow their load specific progress on our HEX Systems Match-Grade software.

 go-Ballistic of Alberta Canada, the North American distributor of HEX Systems, made the journey to Bar 3 with two targets in early December. Rick Ratzlaff of goBallistic said, “Mike offered the warmest of hospitality and support. Together we put the entire system through a rigorous testing process using various calibers, ranges, and a handful of local shooters. It was a fun three days and we look forward to commissioning the targets for Mike in early 2017 so he can get on with his business development plan.”

 That the HEXTA e-target product and its Match-Grade management system will soon be functioning full-scale with 10 lanes in a private ownership context, will perhaps offer new dimensions of validation and interest to the shooters wanting to take advantage of the benefits of a reliable e-target system.

3: Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club

Third US range goes HEXTA.

The North American distributor of electronic targets created by HEX Systems Pty of Australia, has announced that a third range in the USA has purchased 10 lanes of the HEXTA Match-Grade target system. The Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club of Bridgeville, Delaware, has confirmed their order with goBallistic with delivery expected in the next couple of months.

Rick Ratzlaff of goBallistic reports, “we started dialog with Bridgeville during the summer of 2016, and are gratified that the HEXTA will fulfill their specifications for e-targets designed to perform reliably at the highest levels. We are also excited that with their order, to have the ability to facilitate multiple range match events simultaneously through our system via technical interface range to range.”

Bridgeville is a multiple range facility, with the longest range being 1000 yards, that boasts 1450 members drawn from a geographic radius of about 100 miles. Jeff Hague of Bridgeville says “Over the last several years we have carefully researched the e-target products available. Many of our members have first hand experience as users of various products currently in use and we have tested several products. Through the design features of the HEXTA Match-Grade product, and because of its proven precision and reliability performance, we easily concluded that the HEXTA product was the best decision for our current and future needs. Working together with goBallistic and HEX Systems has been professional, easy and clear. With 10 target lanes to offer our members and to support many of our match events, we are very excited about the quality user experience this offers our members. We also look forward to teaming up with Reade Range in Pennsylvania to host larger matches” 

This marks the third range in recent months to have each placed an order of 10 targets. “We made the HEXTA target and range management system to fulfill the highest of reliability and precision standards,” says Dmitri Kazakov, founder of HEX Systems and competitive shooter. “With our first USA shipment totaling 30 lanes of our HEXTA targets, we anticipate that the volume of shooters/users this will support will quickly ramp up our brand recognition. We look forward to connecting with other ranges through our distributer goBallistic.”

Delivery of the 30 targets for the three initial ranges is expected in March. Following a simple installation and commissioning process, we expect to soon hear directly from user feedback about the performance and see if the HEXTA is indeed “Match-Grade” as it says it is.

Globally 48 clubs using 200 targets.

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