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8) Reade Range – Western Pennsylvania – 10 HEXTA Match-Grade targets ON ORDER

Press Release New long-range e-target system lands in the USA! Competitive shooters at Reade Range in western Pennsylvania, will soon be shooting on an electronic target system that until now, has not been installed anywhere in the USA. While some opinions in the competitive shooting industry suggest that there is an inevitable march toward widespread adoption of electronic targets, the range of products available has been very limited. When installed at Reade, their debut of 10 lanes of HEXTA Targets, the product of HEX Systems of Australia will be the first new player to be introduced to the e-target market space in years. HEX Systems, the market leader of e-targets in Australia, has been serving the competitive shooting community there for over 7 years and has 40 HEXTA e-target range installations. Dmitri Kazakov and Bruce Daniel, co-founders of HEX Systems, indicate, “Our founding team of shooters and engineers had a vision for achieving the highest standards of precise accuracy, shot-by-shot reliability and user simplicity. Our patented design has produced a track record over recent years of both match-validated accuracy, and shot recognition reliability where our e-targets have not observed a single occurrence of a “lost or ghost” shot.” The HEXTA target system was tested at Reade Range and proven to be compliant with all NRA and CMP bullseye type high-power shooting disciplines. Says Scott Thomas of Reade Range, “our club wanted to add e-target functionality to our range, and having researched the various products available, we selected the HEXTA Target System due to its unique design features. We are excited to be the first in North America to acquire the match-tested HEXTA, and are eagerly awaiting their installation and commissioning sometime in early 2017.” Thomas further said, “with a set of 10 targets, we feel we have sufficient shooter capacity to greatly simplify and support our needs for fast response, accurate, simple and reliable shooting day in and day out.” The North America distributor of the HEXTA Target systems, Rick Ratzlaff of goBallistic from Alberta Canada says, “We have been seeking ranges in America that would seriously consider our market-entry program, and create a “done in USA” range network of the proven HEXTA. It is rewarding to see the HEXTA system, long proven in Australia, be recognized for the unique performance characteristics it offers here in the USA.” Ratzlaff further commented, “when installed, through our proprietary web-based, real-time match administration system, all interested ranges will soon be able to watch the functionality of the system on-line as it is used at Reade Range.” With combined deep experience in serving the exacting demands of competitive high-power shooters, HEX and goBallistic appear positioned to make things fundamentally interesting for those ranges considering e-target systems.

Contact information: Reade Range (


7. Ben Avery – Phoenix Arizona – 2 demo’s Arizona State Long  Range Championships

Arizona State Long  Range Championships

In Shooting News everybody’s talking about the HEXTA target system from goBallistic. As I mentioned last week Rick Ratzlaff, President of goBallistic, set up two of his HEXTA targets to demo during our state long range championships this past weekend. The response by the shooters was overwhelmingly positive and the inherent accuracy of the system was so superior to any system I have ever seen before, it was decided to shoot the F-TR shooters on the two targets during the two day competition. The neat thing about this system is that with a few keystrokes and simply hanging the appropriate target face the HEXTA target can instantly support any target dimensions, ie; 200, through 1000 yards without calibrating. Additionally, results can be posted to the web in real time as can be seen by clicking HERE Keep in mind that the system was designed in Australia by an F-Class shooter. However the V target is what its based on, and Rick was able to get it to show X’s but the 10’s were shown as V’s. He assured me that a minor software tweak back at HQ would resolve that issue. So, what you may ask is keeping me from setting up 80 of these targets and make target pulling a thing of the past on Americas finest year round shooting location, the Middleton Tompkins 1000 yard Range at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility? Well, in a word, cost. Currently the worlds best acoustic target system costs a lot of dollars, $10,000 of them to be exact. Hopefully with some changes in materials and non critical components in the coming months we will see this price drop some and of course when that happens I will be update you all.

Rick Curtis Arizona National Rifle Association High Power Director. 

2) Arizona State Palma Championship Match shooters  Dec 4th.

Review from Jim Hahn Ben Avery

Hex Systems demonstrated their electronic targets at the Ben Avery high power rifle range in Phoenix, Arizona, in late November and early December, 2015. I was there for initial setup. It took perhaps 20 minutes to set up the two targets they brought.

I was asked to participate in an “accuracy verification” process by shooting my .223 rifle from 300 yards. Fifteen bullets were purposely scattered all over the target face, roughly 3 feet by 3 feet. I watched the Hex guys measure the X,Y locations of the holes. Later they entered this information into an Excel spreadsheet for comparison to what the HEX system calculated the hole positions to be. I examined the spreadsheet results in detail. Shot to shot error variation appeared to be only a few millimeters.

Ben Avery range held two large championships and the HXTA Targets were extensively used both for practices and for actual shooting during the matches. This was at 800, 900, and 1000 yards. Shooters fired on both F-class targets and standard LR 1000 yard targets. Everyone liked the system ease of use and speed. I never saw it miss a shot and it picked up crossfires nicely.

–Jim Hahn, retired electrical and software engineer

6. Oak Ridge – Tennessee

Another very successful demo. Did our first rapid fire test – results flawless. Went side by side with the competition. Like I’ve said before we’re competition ready. Review from Michael Glasman


I would like to provide a review of our recent demo experience in November, 2015 at the Oak Ridge Sportsman’s Association, Oak Ridge Tennessee.

The Hex targets were precise – They were tested at 600 and 1000 yards and most shots were dead-on and not more than half a bullet diameter off in only a couple cases.  We also tested the targets to see if there was any interaction between them during rapid – fire at 200 yards (as would be conducted during a NRA or CMP highpower rifle match) and there was absolutely no interaction.  Accuracy was also stellar.  The electronics was reliable and easy-to-use, and displays were usable during the sunny day on which the test was conducted.  

The reason we cannot adopt these targets is only due to the weight of the target.  When the weight of the target allows two average shooters to move the target on and off the carrier, we would be able to reconsider the purchase.

And finally, Jim and his assistant, Kevin, were a pleasure to work with– We would have them back anytime.

Michael Glasman

5) George Farquharson Rifle Range – Kamloops Oct 23-24/15

A group gathered around while Mike sent some rounds down range. Again HEXTA Targets are ready for competition.

4) Cascade Range – South Seattle Washington

A group of men came out and we placed some shots on target. Plug-N-Play HEXTA targets worked flawlessly.

3) Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facilities    Washington USA

If you want to learn how to read wind? This is the place to do it at. NRA Sanctioned match, so shooters were focused. Their 800 and 900 yard mounds are offset by 10 degrees. So one of the RSO’s set us up to shoot at 900 yrds. and test the extreme angle. PASSED

(Rick’s comments – this was my first experience in testing the target for precision. We used a tape measure, so some POI’s were between the lines. And a couple of shots were off the paper so a guess was used to measure to. A very objective process now demonstrates precision of < 2mm)

As you’ll recall our 800 & 900 yard firing points sit 15 degrees off center from the berm.  Your system handled this skew without issue, where as Silver Mountain’s system was several orders of magnitude off from these distances, even after we shimmed their receivers to try to account for the skew.

Our decision not to pursue the goBallistic system was due to the logistics of incorporating the system into our existing infrastructure, and specifically a lack of volunteer labor to make the necessary changes.  Our current target carriers are light weight, and we would of had to design, test, fabricate & install entirely new carriers to support your targets.  Not having permanent power on the range, and the cost & logistics to bring it in, also weighed into our decision.  

(Rick’s comment – we are 100% 12 Volt)

I’m not 100% sure of this, but it seems that your system may not have been compatible with subsonic ammo, which accounts for significant portion of our shooting disciplines.  If this proved to be the case, those discipline specific members weren’t supportive of procuring a system that they couldn’t use.  (Rick’s comment – we’ve tested at sub-sonic now. No problem) 

To close, we were very impressed with the accuracy of your system, it was just the logistics and lack of willing volunteers to make it happen.

John Hauptmann – Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility

Feel free to forward this email to prospective customers, or send them directly to me for a unbiased reference for the goBallistic e-targets.  Your targets had good accuracy for long range shooting applications.  Observed and measured accuracy of your system was 3/8″ or less out to 1000 yards (and significantly less at closer distances), so over the course of a match you are probably going to lose & gain few points shot to shot, but in the end it would all balance out.  This is about the same margin of error we get when pasting on new repair centers, so as far as I’m concerned it is absolutely a non issue for iron sight shooters, and only a very, very small concern for the very, very best scope shooters.  All in all, the convenience of shooting on a e-targets far outweighs any concerns over lack of accuracy.

Take care,
John Hauptmann
Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility
High Power Secretary Treasurer
(509) 308-9230

2.)  Nokomis Saskatchewan.

Wind was Mach 5 from the east. Cold, wet, but avid shooters never felt a thing.  One shooter (I won’t mention who) (at warm up) put a bullet through the wires to a sensor. The program told us “Shot un-reconcilable, check the frame”. OOPS But that didn’t shut us down. The software just eliminates that sensor from the calculations. A group of around 6 shooters tried it out at 1000 yrds. It’s nice to see on screen your shot placement in Mach 5 winds and adjust accordingly.

1) Winnipeg: The Winnipeg club provided our first demo. In trying to not add confusion to the target numbering. And because our targets we mounted in # 3 & #4. I entered that in the computer. Didn’t work. But our 1-800-help line to Australia had me adjusted and everything worked fine on Wednesday. Even Murray Sloane came out days after hip replacement. Thanks Murray

Phone: Rick Ratzlaff @ 780-518-6885