Hex Systems & goBallistic LLC recommend


for all E-Targets for sanctioned registered HP matches.

Letter to High Power Shooters. 

There is currently NO reliability performance standard governing E-Targets for official registered High-Power matches. When we see a digital number on a monitor, we ASSUME it’s correct?   We buy $3000 scopes, to say nothing of the other investments including Hotel, meals, and vehicle depreciation. 

Shooters are asked to accept software version up-date after up-date, prototyping on the fly, assuming acceptable shot loss with “take another shot” solutions, ghost shots, missed shots, and more. 

To our knowledge every E-Target requires calibration. That introduces a variable “human factor” that is NOT present with paper targets. The accuracy of the calibration is dependent on many induced variables require a level of skills across the physics spectrum governing acoustic performance to insure consistent results from match to match. 

goBallistic LLC asked the NRA for a certification process when the .25″ rule came out. If there is a rule, there must be a qualifying process. But we were told “that was being left up to the vendors”. 

With no standard, there is no sport!

We welcome and expect to qualify under an equitable realistic process for Certification and assume all E-Target vendors providing Match Ready targets to concur.


Summarized: Repeatable test under the worst case scenario: A significant cross wind, .223 – 80 grain projectile, at 1200 yards with a tilted target, in the rain. (incomplete)

NO GROSS ERRORS: Proper testing, measuring X & Y coordinates in Standard Deviation of 3 to 5 mm in the worst possible condition. If an E-Target can report a SD Error of 3 to 5 mm in the worst case scenario, we can be confident that it will be much better in a typical match condition.

NO MISSED SHOTS: Acoustic sensors hear all sounds. If a target does NOT report a shot that hit the target, the target should be disqualified.  NOT, “Take another shot”!

NO GHOST SHOTS: If a target monitor reports a shot that was NOT a Crossfire, then the system is flawed, the target should be disqualified. NOT, develop an acceptable missed shot standard.

UpDates or Upgrades: Any changes to algorithms that affect precision must require new Certification.

User Interface: All Matches using E-Targets must follow precisely the manufacturer’s User Interface or Best Practices, which accompany products when delivered.

Published testing results and testing procedures that are repeatable. 

We strongly recommend a certification process, and look forward to the opportunity to publicly qualify!

Join us in encouraging the governing bodies of this sport incorporate to employ an equitable Certification process, ensuring that all shooters at any match are provided equal opportunity.

Shooters have spoken!

The following  table is the summary results of a poll that goBallistic initiated on

Accurate Shooter and United States Long Range Rifle Teams.

actual reports per site

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