Would you make your investment in High Power competition IF every range printed their own targets and there was NO control over guaranteeing the target to qualify for competition? Neither should you on E-Targets.

If you believe that E-Targets should be certified for reliability……….READ ON.

Our recommendation to any E-Target Certification Process


Technical recommendation on how the testing process should be carried out, and why it is what it is. 

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Our recommendation on how to start an equitable process for ALL Stakeholders! 

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Hex Systems & goBallistic LLC applauds

Proposed NRA E-Target CERTIFICATION for 2020

“4.1.2 Electronic Target Systems–Where electronic target systems are being used, only NRA-Licensed and Certified electronic target systems shall be used in NRA Registered Tournaments and NRA sanctioned State, Regional and National Championship Tournaments. NRA Approved Tournaments and other events where national records are not at issue may use electronic scoring systems that are not NRA-Licensed and Certified. NRA-Licensed and Certified Electronic Target Systems shall meet all minimum requirements set forth elsewhere in these Rules.4.1.3. NRA shall be responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of a process for licensing and certification of electronic target systems in conformity with these Rules which is fair and equitable.

Change current paragraph (a) to (b) to read as follows: Electronic scoring targets must be capable of consistently scoring shots to within .25 inches of center-of-shot accuracy under all conditions at all distances at which the NRA Sanctioned rifle competition will be conducted”.

We welcome and expect to qualify for the NRA Certification process when complete



Summarized: Repeatable test under the worst-case scenario: A significant crosswind, .223 – 80-grain projectile, at 1200 yards with a tilted target, in the rain. (incomplete)

NO GROSS ERRORS: Proper testing, measuring X & Y coordinates in Standard Deviation of 3 to 5 mm in the worst possible condition. If an E-Target can report an SD Error of 3 to 5 mm in the worst-case scenario, we can be confident that it will be much better in a typical match condition.

NO MISSED SHOTS: Acoustic sensors hear all sounds. If a target does NOT report a shot that hit the target, the target should be disqualified.  NOT, “Take another shot”!

NO GHOST SHOTS: If a target monitor reports a shot that was NOT a Crossfire, then the system is flawed, the target should be disqualified. NOT, develop an acceptable missed shot standard.

UpDates or Upgrades: Any changes to algorithms that affect precision must require new Certification.

User Interface: All Matches using E-Targets must follow precisely the manufacturer’s User Interface or Best Practices, which accompany products when delivered.

Published testing results and testing procedures that are repeatable.

Shooters have spoken!

The following  table is the summary results of a poll that goBallistic initiated on

Accurate Shooter and United States Long Range Rifle Teams.

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