3rd Party Testing

These tests are done by independent scientists and engineers. They received no remuneration from HEX Systems or goBallistic. Download at will.

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Q & A Testing targets

The debate over e-Target accuracy without accurate data is meaningless and divisive. Information is sparse or non-existent and what exists is often partisan.
Assumptions are common, and myths abound. To aid both shooters and organizers, the NQRA decided to run tests on both New and Used eTargets before the 2016 Queen’s Shoot. These tests have been carried out as rigorously as one would assess and calibrate any precision measuring instrument.

How good are paper targets?        

 By David Stewart and Peter Smith: A major purpose of this testing was to properly investigate the errors on a paper target to provide a scientifically measured baseline against which the various electronic target systems may be compared.

Are E-Targets good enough for competition?  

By David Stewart and Peter Smith: The question of the suitability of electronic targets for premier competitions has been around for a while and a few years ago many people, including us, tried to specify an acceptable e-Target accuracy in terms of a maximum angular error.

Testing SMT  

By David Stewart and Peter Smith: The testing was intended simply to determine the precision of the Silver Mountain Target as an instrument for measuring the position of bullet holes but ended up being as much about the set-up of the system and the way set-up affects precision.  

Testing SMT with a Perfect Set-up

A fifth and final series of tests of the Silver Mountain electronic target system was conducted at the Wongetti Rifle Range in Cairns on the 27th October 2017 to provide performance data of the system at 800 meters.

Testing Hexta Match-Grade Targets    

By David Stewart and Peter Smith: Five tests of the HEXTA 2 electronic target system were conducted at the Wongetti Rifle Range in Cairns AU on the 27th October 2017 to provide performance data of the system at 800 meters.

Understanding E-Target Physics

Determining the Position and Trajectory of Supersonic Projectiles from Acoustic Measurements by Paul Kisatsky TACOM-ARDEC

SMT mounted on HXTA Match-Grade

Testing and report by Bruce Daniel, Daniel Consultants Pty Ltd July 12, 2017: Accuracy tests were performed on two brands of electronic target used in high power rifle / full-bore competition: (i) HEXTA-002 Match-Grade target (“HEXTA”), manufactured by HEX Systems Pty Ltd, Australia, and (ii) SMT model G2 (“SMT”), manufactured by Silver Mountain Targets, Canada. Bruce Daniel received remuneration for his work and placed his credentials on the line. 

Maintenance Scheduling for E-Targets

A study to determine the degradation of the target as per. the number of shots.

Queens Range evaluate HEXTA

Duncan Range in Queensland put out stringent tendering process to acquire E-Targets. Read all about it. All ranges should do the same. 

Testing 7 KTS targets

The purpose of the electronic target testing conducted at the Harvey Range Shooting
Complex on the 10th February 2016 was to:-
1. Establish a rigorous testing method for electronic targets which can reliably assess other methods of target management. Established methods such as shot counts and target records will need modification as shooting styles and accuracy change, and without some standard way to monitor actual target accuracy, these may be misleading.
2. Measure and compare the accuracy of targets of the same make and model in a new, slightly degraded and very degraded condition. The targets tested were all Kongsberg Model H1H purchased within the last two years

Follow up on the 7

The second series of electronic target testing was conducted at the Harvey Range Shooting Complex on the 18th July 2016 as a follow-up to the tests performed in February. The tests were designed to determine the accuracy of targets that had recorded between 2500 and 5000 shots since new and also to test the accuracy of one of the TMRC Club targets that had been recently rebuilt.

We welcome anyone wishing to have an opportunity to a re-test we would make ourselves available.

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